The Fitness Band We REALLY Need…

It’s a challenge to figure out how to get my fellow Seniors (and everyone else) moving. The technology developing to provide workout feedback to fitness enthusiasts will soon exceed the quantity of data NASA receives from its flight crews.

But what about the non-enthusiasts who need only their fingers to keep track of daily steps taken?

I’m envisioning something yet to be: not a wristband that monitors your responses, but a fitness headband that creates new ones!

As soon as you slide the sensor-filled fabric over your forehead, within a matter of seconds there’s a heightened awareness of everything physical and mental.

Immediately when you put it on, you know that this is exactly what you’ve needed all along.

As waves of energy are directed at the cerebral neuronal pathways of self doubt and fear of failure, these feelings disappear.

There’s a sensation of empowerment: a feeling of now being in control of your personal destiny in a major way. The sensation you’re feeling from the newly heightened body awareness connects you to being alive. You now realize that energy flows not only from your mind to your body; but your body to your mind, as well. As you move quicker and breathe faster, your sensor and bodily senses signal a burst of positive changes in mind and body. There’s no doubt that this workout is a life changing experience!

Of course it’s a vision…

But until then, empower the means to accomplish the same results right now.


Do It Now,


PS: What are you waiting for?

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Statins and Serious Side Effects? “Say It Ain’t So, Doc!”

Looking Back:

Cholesterol Guidelines Could Mean Statins For Half Of Adults Over 40

March 20, 2014 9:28 AM ET
When sweeping new advice on preventing heart attacks and strokes came out last November, it wasn’t clear how many more Americans should be taking daily statin pills to lower their risk.

A new analysis provides an answer: a whole lot. Nearly 13 million more, to be precise.

If the guidelines were followed to the letter, about half of all Americans over 40 would be on cholesterol-lowering statins — more than double the current level.

Even more striking, the new recommendations would make prescription of the drugs almost universal among older men. “What was personally most surprising to me, is that it turns out the difference between the old and new guidelines is very small in younger adults — 40 to 59,” says Duke University biostatistician Michael Pencina, lead author of the study.

“The vast majority of those affected by the new guidelines are between 60 and 75,” he says. “So much so that 87 percent of men 60 to 75 and 54 percent of women [in that age range] should be on statins.”

The great majority of Americans newly recommended for statin treatment have no known heart disease, Pencina and his colleagues say.”
(Published on Bold print not in original)

Looking Forward:

Research : statins linked to thyroid, breast , and other cancers
Researchers examined 500 patients with thyroid cancer, and 2500 subjects without thyroid cancer. They found that thyroid cancer was significantly associated with previous regular statin use in women, but not in men.
The study was published in the journal Clinical Endocrinology.
This link might be due to the immunomodulatory effects of statins.
(link to article:

While these studies are preliminary; my advice, as always…

Protect Yourself At All Times,


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What Should Senior Fitness Be?

No matter how it is portrayed or perceived, there are definitely things that Senior fitness needs to be. There are goals it should strive to meet. There are new horizons it must see.

These are certainly bold imperatives; but they lose their forcefulness as we survey our journey ahead.

With approximately ten thousand baby boomers daily entering seniorhood, the major economic, healthcare, and logistics issues engulf us massively.

Doing nothing is equivalent to doing the wrong thing. Waiting too long to move forward will inevitably involve future regret.

Let’s get these major issues on the table:

The World Health Organization, more than a decade ago, issued a bulletin speaking of Osteoporosis as a “global impending disaster.”

Alzheimer’s is quickly gaining on heart disease as a blockbuster killer.

Depression is, understandably, an ever present issue with our seniors, and this will continue, as well, to demand an increasing amount of our resources.

Much of the burden could be addressed by healthy lifestyle choices. The disregard for healthy lifestyles regarding smoking, obesity, and lack of exercise will put an added strain, in addition to the above, that is astronomical and probably incalculable.

Senior Fitness needs to be the tip of the spear in dealing with these issues.

Yes, it is that important!

We are a pharmaceutical oriented society. While we look to these companies to continue to provide us with the medicines we need for our wellbeing, we should not depend on them to do what we should be doing for ourselves. Bold statement, I know, and in all probability, not achievable, given our sad state of fitness as a nation, thus far.

Nevertheless, looking back to the time before a human foot had left an impression on lunar soil, we took on the challenge of putting a man on the moon. It sounded like a fairy tale dream when President Kennedy spoke the words. But through dedicated belief and purposeful action, that fairy tale became reality.

Each of these major issues which carry catastrophic consequences if ignored, can be significantly diminished with basic changes that involve our dedicated belief and purposeful action once again.

It amazes me: the complexity of simplicity.


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“It’s About You… It’s About Time!”

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And the Joints Say, “You’ll Pay Later For My Punishment Now!”


Unless you already have the problem of pain in one or more of your joints, my guess is that you seldom, if ever, consider their importance.

Neither did I. You won’t be surprised, then, to hear me say that age has a way of causing one to think about things previously ignored.

So let me be blunt and state the conclusion boldly and quickly, lest you be losing interest already,

“If you’re ‘No Pain, No Gain’ now, you may be ‘No NSAIDS, No Movement’ later.”

“What are NSAIDS?” you ask.

They are drugs you will (highly likely) be using to reduce the inflammation and the pain so that you can move.

No, I’m not telling you only train easy. And youth has a unique focus on the immediate that, at times, pretends that the future doesn’t exist.

It Does.

Train Smart,


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Do You Eat To Fill Your Belly or to Nourish Your Body?

Originally posted on The Senior Health and Fitness Blog:


This question is meant to move you in a healthy new direction; away from chasing the latest style of losing weight, to setting sights on basic principles that will liberate you from further disappointment.

Don’t be offended by the question. If you are, let’s channel that energy toward a new way of thinking.

We have to think differently to behave differently.

You already know that it’s the sum of the little things done daily that add up to a change in your lifestyle.

We’ve learned of the Longevity record of the subset of Okinawan society who make it a habit of avoiding the feeling of belly fullness when having a meal.

They have a word specifically for this behavior. It is part of their culture.

Before each meal the words are spoken, “to eat until you are eighty percent full.”

Anyone and everyone can make small consistent changes with a…

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Forget the Six-Pack Abs and Do It For the Cough Reflex

Originally posted on The Senior Health and Fitness Blog:


You already know that my fitness goals changed long ago. Looking at what the future might bring, let me urge to you look at a different and more compelling reason to focus on your midsection development.

A large percentage of people walking in to see the doctor are coming in because of a serious cough. You’ve had the experience before and so have I. But you’ve probably never considered its role as a primary defense mechanism which becomes increasingly important with age.

At first glance, this fascinating reflex loop can be understood as an important reaction to something that would pose a threat to the ability to breathe, or a potentially toxic chemical. Another extremely critical function of coughing is the expulsion of secretions from the lungs.

As we age, the ability to cough can be compromised by weakened muscles and bones. Remember, the movement of air in and out…

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Stretching: It’s About Range of Motion… Get Over It!


Some of you may be disappointed to discover that stretching is not the ideal warmup routine before an athletic event.

Let’s be clear: from the standpoint of muscular power and performance, stretching is not affording you an advantage.

The latest volley in this intermittent controversy focuses on runners, but generalized conclusions are offered, as well. Please click on it and read, “Why Stretching Is A Waste Of Time For Runners.”

What’s Its Place In Fitness?

The title of the post says it all: Range of Motion.

If all you’re interested in is bench presses, it doesn’t matter if you can’t extend your leg sideways to the level of your head. But if you step into the dojo and spar, it needs to be totally natural, and then some. If you’re trying to do the Dragonfly pose in Yoga class and lack sufficient hip flexibility, you’ll never get past the first part of the movement. It’s that simple.

The debate about stretching, for the longest time, has included its functionality as a warm-up. Forget about it. The best warm up is simply doing what you’re going to do slowly and gently before you go fast and furious.

It’s a matter of getting the muscles moving and the blood flowing, because when the action starts, it’s maximum strain on all the parts, right?

No guy who cares about his car will ever attempt a record run immediately after starting the engine because it takes time for the lubricants to circulate and temperatures to effect all the moving parts. It’s a crude but useful analogy to athletic sports performance. That’s it! Warm up for heavy bench presses by doing light benches first. Before you try to slam a 300 yard drive off the tee, take a number of practice swings. If you teeter on one leg, pulling the other leg behind you doing that goofy looking leg stretch that so many do, people are secretly laughing at you. Besides, it’s dangerous because you might fall.

What About Post-Workout?

Studies and debates linger about the effectiveness of stretching as a method of relieving soreness. Here’s my simple take on all that research: right now I am sore all over from a heavy total body workout yesterday. I can stretch with the best of them, but all I want to do is let everything rest… eveything. Did I feel like stretching at the end of training yesterday? All I wanted was to hit the showers. If you find that stretching after a work-out reduces DOMS, do it… It doesn’t matter what the tests in the journals conclude.

Do I find the increased range of motion that I developed as a martial artist to be beneficial?


Let’s Do a Few Stretches and Move On,


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