Clicking, Popping, and Pain: Sidelined By Shoulder Pain


You may have noticed a silent period. My shoulder pain has sidelined me at the time of my best gains.

For those of you reading this who are also grimacing with every move of the shoulder joint, read the excellent information posted here by Dr. Howard Luks, to gain an insight:

Clicking, popping, and pain–for three weeks now; that’s me. Obviously, rest is the order of the day… or even weeks, perhaps. Those of you with the fitness mindset understand my frustration. As usual, let me share a few observations, so that you can compare your own experiences and solutions, and perhaps share them for our benefit–especially if you’ve followed through with treatment.


The pain was not a result of a sudden trauma. As you see in the accompanying article, it can simply be worn out parts.

Having had a bad experience with Ibuprofen, I avoid anti-inflammatory medications:

My gameplan for now is to completely switch gears toward ‘light and lean’ again. I had no popping and clicking issues until this last five week emphasis on poundage.

If the pain persists, of course I’ll have further tests.

I’d wave ‘Goodbye’ but it hurts,


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