Let me apologize. There are thousands (if not TENS of thousands) of articles already giving you specific exercises and routines to do. Most already make the claim of being the best.

We don’t need another one here.

What you do need are some guidelines that will help you evaluate the effectiveness of whatever exercise routine you choose.

Let’s get to it!

The best exercise routine is going to be, for sure, one that you can be motivated to enjoy. Sounds trivial and obvious, but the best theoretical workout that you don’t do, places behind the simple Walking Workout that gets done. Maybe it’s the music and rhythm of a Zumba class, or the challenge of that difficult new stretch during Yoga–movement is life, and should bring a smile to your face! This, in my aged and narrow opinion, is the first order of business.

Beyond experiencing the joy of simply being active, there are basic components to overall fitness that should be part of your plan.

Different activities or exercise options incorporate these elements in differing degrees:



Aerobic Conditioning

Balance and Coordination

It’s relatively easy, even at a glance, to see how specific activities incorporate these elements.

There are also more subtle aspects that are not so obvious to a beginner.

Weight training, for example, is obviously centered on resistance and is primarily a means of muscular development. Done at circuit training pace, however, it’s also a great cardiovascular workout.

Yoga, with its emphasis on range of motion techniques, can also be a cardiovascular workout by varying the pace, intensity, or even the temperature.

I use these two as examples, simply because they seem to be extreme opposites. The reality is that most forms of exercise can be modified by manipulating speed, range of motion, and resistance, to incorporate all aspects of fitness. This gives you a tremendous array of activities that you can enjoy as a component of your healthy lifestyle.

There’s much more to the fitness lifestyle than weight machines and treadmills.

Please read this encouraging article from NPR regarding the effectiveness of any exercise in reducing breast cancer risk:

Life’s too short to submit to a routine of drudgery to experience the benefits of exercise. Find the movement that makes you feel alive and do it! Feel free to add some speed, resistance, or greater range of motion along the way, if you can.

To Your Healthy Lifestyle,


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