When Did Proper Nutrition Become Cleansing?


Learning about nutrition was fun for me because I’ve always been fascinated by the marvelous complexities of the human body. The nutrients we ingest through food are chemically disassembled during digestion, and then specifically reconstructed along the way to become part of us. What we don’t use is eliminated, and so it goes, every moment we are alive.

Knowing that nutrition and exercise go hand in hand, eating properly has been a personal value for quite some time.

Blenders and food have been a paired staple for a long time (as in Jack LaLanne), but I’m at a loss to pinpoint when this concept of ‘Cleansing’ became the marketing buzzword du jour.

When the food we ingest is broken down into its constituents in the process of digestion, what is it that is being cleansed?

It is a convenient concept to think that particular combinations of food possibilities blended mechanically can wash away years of internal neglect.

The reality is that you’ve always been able to mechanically alter food by mastication (be careful here), and that’s actually where the process of digestion begins.

I’ll definitely agree that blending nutritional but strange tasting ingredients may make them more palatable and might, therefore, give you different sources of nutrients.

Cleansing? I don’t think so. Marketing? Quite possibly… But do yourself a favor and become an educated consumer.

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