It’s a good thing our bodies are so adaptable in the face of neglect. Our bodies require basic things like nutritious food, sleep, exercise, and a sufficient amount of water along the way, and things can go well for years at a time. Even neglecting the basic rules of nutrition, and chronically stealing hours from our sleep budget; life still unfolds in acceptable fashion for most.

Try running the car without the oil it needs, or neglect the leak in the radiator hose, and see how soon your life changes.

It’s easy to shortchange ourselves given that we can; but at what long term cost?

For many, the payment due is swift and deadly, when the heart spasms from lack of blood supply. Others may be destined, by their consistently poor health choices, to battle chronic debilitating conditions that could have been avoided.

Think enough of yourself to choose health.

Why not take a little extra time to learn about proper foods to eat, see how your body responds to regular exercise, and give healthy living a chance?

To Your Healthy Decisions,


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