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My father was going through his jogging stage at the time, and I knew that moral support was needed. His birthday was nearing, and the popularity of ‘The Complete Book of Running’ by Jim Fixx, made the choice of his birthday gift an obvious one. He wasn’t particularly dedicated yet to the runner’s favorite rituals, but I knew he needed to make better lifestyle choices. My hope was that this would encourage him.

Despite the best-selling, craze-starting runner’s bible, and the family’s encouragement, his jogging efforts remained half-hearted at best.

When the news of Jim Fixx’s death spread, it became the unbeatable excuse for my father to stop jogging.

Jim Fixx had changed his life from an overweight, two-pack-a-day smoker, to a fitness icon. But he brought along damage that had already been done, and probably a genetic predisposition, as well.

For a fascinating look that sums up the mood…

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