I really didn’t think it would happen that fast: the drop-off in gym attendance since January, that is.

Perhaps you’ve abandoned a few resolutions by now, and maybe getting back in shape was one of them.

Let’s get beyond the guilt and grab a solution – – not a resolution, ok?

Take a moment to read this short but excellent article from Inc. Magazine:
Done is Better Than Perfect. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIwoKTy9SA

As the writer suggests, take any small fitness action right now. 30 seconds of high stepping in place or 10 push-ups, or 3 squats–whatever!

Believe it or not, the consistency of doing small things on a regular basis with minimal improvement will, over time, lead to greatness. It’s quite possible that you were blindsided by disappointed when you worked out intensely for two weeks and then gave up because the slight improvement wasn’t worth the pain.

It happens all the time.

Success, as well, happens all the time…

… always with a consistent forward movement that proceeds step by step.

Enjoy the invigorating experience of high stepping for 30 seconds… and make sure you do it again tomorrow just a little more and a little better. What you’ll find is that 30 seconds won’t be enough, and you’ll want to do 5 squats instead of 3, and before you know it you’ve made it a habit, and after a while you’ll see it’s your lifestyle.

Got it?

Go get it!


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