Are you planning on taking charge of your fitness lifestyle this January?

Here’s hoping you think enough of yourself to do just that…and stay with it!

Now, let’s do everything we can to make sure that you’re still training come November 2016.

In another week, the wait time for my favorite equipment at the gym will lengthen considerably. So I adjust my schedule accordingly, knowing that in about two months things will normalize. There will be a lot less people.

To greatly increase your probability of permanent progress, Consider The Following:

1. Fitness doesn’t happen fast–neither does changing your physical appearance with diet and exercise. But you don’t need it to happen fast because this is a lifestyle gig, not a movie shoot. Enter this transformation, therefore, with sensible expectations.

You didn’t get out of shape in two weeks, so don’t expect to get in shape in that short time period!

2. Have your tentative game plan ahead of time and spend some time rehearsing it in your mind.

‘Tentative’ is an important description here because you need to count on this being very much a ‘learn as you grow’ experience. The idea is to have fun with it. After all, you’re already stressed enough from everything else in your life – – this is about you, so relax.

3. Stay close to people who truly want you to succeed, and refuse to share your positive vision with negative ‘friends’.

You get the picture.

It’s critical, during this initial period, to surround yourself with support.

While there are many other things that contribute to your success, for the immediate future, focus first on these.

Just get going…



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